Of The Best Marches Performances

Nov 2, 2022

The American March: One of the greatest performances of The Stars and Stripes Forever is that of the concert held in Hill Auditorium at the University of Michigan on March 31, 2017, conducted by Michael Haithcock. The overall harmony and result was marvelous and enthusiastic; the rendition was sophisticated with a special mention of Cassie Mullinax the Piccolo player, a Senior at the time, and the third and final repetition of the famous tune of the march by J.P. Sousa. This performance was filmed by Dave Schall and Cory Robinson.

The Egyptian March: Or Aida's 'Gloria all' Egitto' by Giuseppe Verdi performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra, conducted by Claudio Abbado at Berlin Waldb├╝hne in circa June 1996. The distinguished part of this piece is the female choir performance when they start singing 'S'intrecci il loto al lauro': Heavenly and remarkable.