The Crisis That Is Human Resources

Aug 6, 2022

 Employment Agency from Chumps at Oxford, 1940.

What is called Human Resources departments do not really represent the vision of the business owner although they are hired to execute it. These departments are separated from the management of the business; they have their own vision and decision even if they claim otherwise. In fact, their main purpose is to disappoint and make it almost impossible for any one to get the job, and when they choose the best candidate in their opinion, that person may not be of the best interest for the company. The business owner is the one who should sit and talk to the applicants no matter how many of them. The process should be direct for fairness and for success and progress. If the manager is unable to meet with the job seekers, then he is unfit to even administer his own business. Lately, the Human Resources was re-branded with a new name: Talent Acquisition, and this shows that there is something wrong with this section that exists in almost every business. On the other hand, employment agencies are a different thing as their job is to send seekers to whoever wants to hire people. The Human Resources poses a risk and is detrimental not only to the business it works from within, or from the outside, but also to employment and society in general.