Gladys Is Not Taking Credit

Nov 2, 2022

In this 1927 publicity photograph of 'Three's A Crowd', a famous supplier of editorial photography writes an 'unidentified actress' alongside Harry Langdon. Other online print stores do not even mention it: It's Gladys McConnell. The film itself has an interesting note mentioned by the writer Gabriella Oldham that Harry and the director recreated a tenement neighborhood of 3 or 4 blocks on the studio, with 300 extras. Snow was realistically created in 90-degree California heat. Film reviewer Doug Gibson says 'The sights of tenement life, morning to evening, are captivating. I love the 'snowstorm' scenes and individuals braving their way through the winds, bumping into poles, or the early-morning milk wagons, the busy late-morning afternoon streets, the lonely, steep staircase that leads to Harry's home.'