Love From Salmagundi

Feb 18, 2022

Undated Love Letter written on a Salmagundi Club paper was sold on eBay on January 3, 2018 for undisclosed amount as mentioned by WorthPoint. I think the time of the letter ranges from early 1900 to 1940s. It is probably missing one page as the back side is marked with "2" and starts with "sufficient" being lower case and written mid sentence. The way Charles expresses his love to Betty is poetic, artistic and sweet. The letter reads: "Can anyone blame for loving you then as I do seeing it is all so true. Until I see or hear from you time will stand still. Were life to offer me nothing more would it not suffice to have been loved and love a masterpiece. "Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth" the poet said. I say Truth is Betty and Betty is Truth. That is all I know and is good for me. Adieux, Charles."

~ Missing paper.

"... sufficient for the whole human race to be absolved for this weakness as God had created us as we are full of desire and surrounded with temptation. The story of Adam and Eve brings me back to the realms of art i.e. pictures. Pictures make me think of Titian and you recall to me Titian's Venuses. If Art has done nothing more for me it has given me the power to see life with its own eyes. When I clasp you in my arms it is as if I possessed an Italian Venus of the Renaissance so full of life and richness that it had burst from its frame and encompassed me taking on warmth and breath. These are not words but what I really feel at the time and the memory lives after. When your head with its rich dark hair is thrown back in sweet, soft abandon exposing the poetry of your neck and shoulders with one elbow raised and the other arm outstretched and your lovely feet gently crossed then it is a perfect Titian. In the dim light I see you it would be a sensuous poem of Verlaine."