A Song That No Longer Exists

Feb 23, 2022

"You'll Be Sorry Just Too Late" was apparently a popular song by Billy Gaston, released in 1907. Oliver Hardy sang part of it in The Laughing Gravy's 3 reel version in 1931 which starts after the twenty fourth minute in the film. Although the lyrics and the sheet music exist on the Web, I'm yet to find one single record of the song apart from Hardy's performance, but thanks to Mr. Hardy for letting us know about the tune. Published by Shapiro Music Publisher, Cor Broadway & Thirty Ninth Street, New York, the lyrics are:

I feel blue, all through you,
And you ought to feel so too;
When you’re cross, it’s your lose,
You just cannot be my boss.
Though I love you, that you know,
Say you’re sorry or else I’ll go.
If I do, bad for you,
You’ll go lonely all life through.

You’ll be sorry just too late,
When my love has turned to hate.
Then you miss my kiss each day,
And a little girl at play;
Say you’re sorry, cross your heart,
Then I’ll give you one more start,
If you are, don’t hesitate,
You’ll be sorry just too late.

Don’t forget, you’ll regret,
Soon my heart will be to let,
You may bide, by it’s side,
But it will be well occupied.
Say you’re sorry, then I’ll know,
That you don’t want me to go.
Don’t refuse, you may loose,
I have lots of beaus to choose.