Remembering Jean Provost

Apr 25, 2024

Born on November 28, 1887 under the name Jeanne Edmonde Guéneau, Jean Provost studied at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris in the class of Louis Leloir, and won a first prize for comedy in the Exit Exam. She began at the Comédie-Française in 1907 where she remained until 1912. among the films she starred in:

The Precious Ridiculous Ones by Georges Berr, 1909
The Dangerous Flirt by René Leprince, 1911
The the Queen's Necklace by Camille de Morlhon, 1912
The Jacobites (Art Films), 1912
Tartuffe (Art Films), 1912
The Guilty (Pathé), 1912
The Thief by Adrien Caillard, 1914
If Old Age Knew! by Fernand Rivers, 1916
Asmodée in Paris by Pierre Chaudy, 1921
Nène by Jacques de Baroncelli, 1923
After Love by Maurice Champreux, 1924