Profile: Mary Costes

Mar 22, 2022

Mary Costes with a high toque made of black feathers with a side arrangement of yellow flowers by Louise Bourbon. Photo by d' Ora. Credit: Ullstein Bild

 Photo dedicated to Egyptian magazine, Al Lataif Al Musawara in September 1930
 Mary, a candidate at the Grand Prix of Elegance at the Great Palace, walks in front of the jury on June 23, 1932 in Paris, France. Credit: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone

After September 2, 1930, Mary Costes, the 27-year-old film actress, became a world famous personality when her husband Dieudonné Costes, along with Maurice Bellonte, flew from Paris to New York in 37 hours and 18 minutes. Their house at 14 Marronniers Street was teeming with visitors and well-wishers. At the time, Mary had only been in Paris for 3 years and was willing to go to Hollywood once her contract with her film company would expire. Mary, born Princess Mary Vatchnadze, is of Caucasian origin and descends from an old Georgian family.